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Drift Crisis Flip-Mat

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Starfinder Flip-Mat:
Drift Crisis
Cover Image
Map - Flip-Mat
Release date
May 25, 2022
27" x 39"

Drift Crisis, a Starfinder Flip-Mat map with cartography by Damien Mammoliti, was released on May 25, 2022, in support of Drift Crisis, the rulebook and world-event of the same name.

Make the journey part of the adventure with Starfinder Flip-Mat: Drift Crisis! One side features a hexagonal grid for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game's unique starship combat system over a background showcasing the unique nature of the hyperspace plane known as the Drift, while the other side presents the interior of a high-tech facility that could be encountered within the Drift. Flip-Mat: Drift Crisis is compatible with Starfinder's Drift Crisis, a setting-wide event where long-distance galactic travel is interrupted by a terrible catastrophe! Whether your players are struggling to survive this crisis or actively working to solve it, this extra-large flip-mat has you covered.

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