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Amusement Park Flip-Mat

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Starfinder Flip-Mat:
Amusement Park
Cover Image
Map - Flip-Mat
Release date
March 29, 2023
24" x 30"

Amusement Park, a Starfinder Flip-Mat map with cartography by Damien Mammoliti, was released on March 29, 2023.

Come test your skills at one of many carnival games or experience the thrills of a looping hovercoaster! It’s all waiting for a group of heroes who are on a well-earned vacation or are investigating mysterious goings-on just under the cheerful surface. This double-sided map features a small carnival midway on one side, and a small section of a much larger (and much cleaner) theme park on the other side. Starfinder Flip-Mats present ready-to-use science-fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Amusement Park, you’ll be ready for the next time your players want to unwind!

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