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{{Vehicle}} is an infobox template designed to organize information about vehicles in the Starfinder campaign setting: spaceships, starships, seacraft, aircraft, and land vehicles. Per the No crunch policy, do not include mechanical statistics for the vehicle.

The {{Vehicle}} template is best used as a template for more specific vehicle types. For specialized vehicle infobox templates, such as {{Spaceship}}, see Category:Vehicle infoboxes.


| name  = 
| alias = 
| image = 

| type         = 
| class        = 
| model        = 
| manufacturer = 
| designer     = 
| propulsion   = 
| fuel         = 
| armament     = 

| prop1name  =
| prop1      =


| launched = 
| status   = 
| fate     = 

| captains    = 
| officers    = 
| crew        = 
| affiliation = 
| owners      = 
| passengers  = 
| cargo       = 

| imagesof = 
| source   = 
| page     = 


The vehicle's name. If referring to a specific vehicle instead of a general model or designation of a mass-produced vehicle, add italics ('') to the formatting of this parameter's value.
alias (optional)
Any aliases or former names of the vehicle, as a comma-separated list.
image (optional)
An image of the vehicle. If there are multiple images of this vehicle, confirm that they are categorized, and if the category's name does not match the article name's, provide it in the imagesof parameter.
The vehicle's general type. Valid options are Spaceship, Starship, Seacraft, Aircraft, and Land vehicle. This parameter is required, and if you require a vehicle type not in this list, request it on the Vehicle template discussion page.
For large space structures like space stations that might be capable of self-propelled movement but primarily maintain a fixed location or orbit, use {{Cosmos}}.
class (optional)
The vehicle's specific type. For instance, a seacraft-type vehicle might be a Galleon, River barge, or Aircraft carrier). For examples, see the page for the vehicle's type (spaceship, starship, seacraft, aircraft, land vehicle).
model (optional)
The designation used for vehicles of the same model or variant, which is common on mass-produced vehicles.
manufacturer (optional)
The person or organization that manufacutred the vehicle.
designer (optional)
The person or organization that designed the vehicle, if different from or more specific than the manufacturer.
propulsion (optional)
A short description of the vehicle's means of propulsion, one per line (3 rocket thrusters, 1 combustion engine, 3 square-sailed masts, etc.).
fuel (optional)
The fuel required by the vehicle's propulsion, if any, and its range in either flight time or appropriate distance units.
armament (optional)
A list of the number and types of the vehicle's armaments, one per line (2 rocket launchers, 8 gunpowder cannons, etc.).

propnname & propn (optional)
Up to 10 named properties or systems specific to this vehicle type, in the order by which they should appear in the infobox. For example, properties of a seacraft would include its keel length, beam length, and draft, so its prop section would look like:
| prop1name  = Keel
| prop1      = 15 feet

| prop2name  = Beam
| prop2      = 5 feet

| prop3name  = Draft
| prop3      = 3 feet
For a list of relevant properties, see the page for the vehicle's type (spaceship, starship, seacraft, aircraft, land vehicle).

launched (optional)
The date and location that a specific vessel was first launched.
status (optional)
The vehicle's current state, if intact (for example, "Part of the Pact Worlds fleet", or "under a tarp on cinderblocks in front of Old Vin Gest's house").
fate (optional)
The vehicle's fate, if lost or destroyed, with the date of its destruction or last appearance (for example, "Last seen on Golarion", or "Destroyed in combat at the Battle of Praxis IV").
Fate and status generally shouldn't both be filled in. Use fate when the vehicle was destroyed, decommissioned, or scrapped, and status when the vehicle is active, intact but kept in reserve, or otherwise ready for use.

captains (optional)
A list of known captains and their service dates, one per line.
officers (optional)
A list of known bridge officers (engineers, pilots, scientists, and gunners) and their service dates, one per line.
crew (optional)
The number of vehicle's crew, one position or role (such as engineer, pilot, scientist, or gunner) per line. Non-crew members of the vehicle's standard complement can also be listed here (for example, a platoon of marines).
affiliation (optional)
The organizations with which this vehicle is affiliated, if different from its captain, officers, and crew.
owners (optional)
The people or organizations who own the vehicle, if different from or more specific than affiliation.
passengers (optional)
The number of passengers the vehicle can transport, if any. If referring to a specific ship that commonly carries certain types of passengers, note that here. For example, a cruise ship might carry 120 vacationers, while a ferry between towns might carry 50 commuters.
cargo (optional)
A brief description of the vehicle's cargo capacity. If referring to a specific ship that commonly carries certain types of cargo, note that here. For example, a mining barge might carry 100 tons of ore, while a smuggler's ship might carry 100 cubic feet of cargo and 20 cubic feet of contraband.
If the category for images of this vehicle does not match this article's title + an s (for example, "Category:Images of fighter jets" for the article "Fighter jet"), provide a replacement for the article title here. For instance, a imagesof value of "combat octopi" would link to "Category:Images of combat octopi".
source & page (optional)
The source wherein the vehicle was first published or from which the most information is available. Link the title, and include page number if possible.


Desperate Gamble
Class Freighter
Model CC-6620
Propulsion 2 plasma thrusters
Fuel 40 parsecs
Armament 3 dual-cannon laser turrets
Length 115 feet
Width 85 feet
Height 30 feet
Shields Fore: 20 jW
Aft: 30 jW
Port: 20 jW
Starboard: 20 jW
Launched 7860, Akiton orbit
Status Smuggling contraband into Pact Worlds
Captains Arp Duo, 7856–
Rando Borussian, 7849–7856
Officers Engineer: Kyah Somi, 7856–
Scientist: Teeurwaro, 7859–
Pilot: Ciu Burk Ar, 7856–
Gunner: Blastomatic 9000, 7860–
Crew 3 maintenance robots
Affiliation Fogg Syndicate
Passengers 4
Cargo 80 tons of cargo
20 tons of contraband

Source: Ship Catalog, pg(s). 130
| name       = ''Desperate Gamble''
| image      = 
| type       = Starship
| class      = Freighter
| model      = CC-6620

| prop1name  = Length
| prop1      = 115 feet

| prop2name  = Width
| prop2      = 85 feet

| prop3name  = Height
| prop3      = 30 feet

| prop4name  = Shields
| prop4      = Fore: 20 jW<br />Aft: 30 jW<br />Port: 20 jW<br />Starboard: 20 jW

| propulsion = 2 plasma thrusters
| fuel       = 40 parsecs
| armament   = 3 dual-cannon laser turrets

| launched = 7860, [[Akiton]] orbit
| status   = Smuggling contraband into [[Pact Worlds]]
| fate     = 

| captains    = Arp Duo, 7856–<br />Rando Borussian, 7849–7856
| officers    = Engineer: Kyah Somi, 7856–<br />Scientist: Teeurwaro, 7859–<br />Pilot: Ciu Burk Ar, 7856–<br />Gunner: Blastomatic 9000, 7860–
| crew        = 3 maintenance robots
| affiliation = [[Fogg Syndicate]]
| passengers  = 4
| cargo       = 80 tons of cargo<br />20 tons of contraband

| imagesof = Desperate Gamble
| source   = [[Ship Catalog]]
| page     = 130

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