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{{Region}} is for use in any article about a region in the Starfinder campaign setting. A region on this wiki is a subdivision of a nation on a planet; for galactic regions like the Vast, use {{Cosmos}}. If the subdivision is a nation in its own right, then {{Nation}} is better suited.

Some parameters are optional and can be left blank; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

This template is based upon the {{Nation}} template of this wiki, which in turn is based upon the Book and Deity templates of the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


| image      = 
| name       = 
| titles     = 
| nation     = 
| capital    = 
| planet     = 
| alignment  = 
| ruler      = 
| government = 
| natives    = 
| adjective  = 
| languages  = 
| religions  = 
| regionmap  = 
| source     = 
| page       = 


image (optional)
An image or map of the region's location or heraldry. The recommended size is 250px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template.
The name of the region.
titles (optional)
Titles or alternative names that represent the region.
nation (optional)
The name of the nation in which the region is found.
capital (optional)
The name of the capital of the region.
planet (optional)
The name of the planet on which the region exists.
alignment (optional)
The general alignment of the region.
ruler (optional)
The name of the current ruler of the region.
government (optional)
The type of government in place. Examples include democracy, theocracy, monarchy, magocracy, despot, tribal chieftain.
natives (optional)
The demonym for the region: the word used to describe a native of the region.
adjective (optional)
The adjective used to describe entities of or pertaining or relating to the region.
languages (optional)
The most-commonly spoken languages of the region.
religions (optional)
The dominant religions of the region.
regionmap (optional)
A map showing the region's location in a wider context. Recommended size is 150px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template.
source (optional)
The sourcebook in which the region is best described.
page (optional)
The page in the chosen sourcebook describing the region.

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