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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 456

Confluence is an immense, merged barathu intelligence composed of countless individual barathu that act as the world government of the Pact Worlds system gas giant Bretheda. Due to their naturally peaceful and adaptive nature, barathus had no need for self-government, but the most public-minded of them decided to form Confluence to deal with non-native species.1

Confluence Agents

Confluence enforces the laws and regulations of Bretheda on offworlders by splitting off specially formed delegates known as Confluence Agents who are equipped with advanced biotechnology that allows for instantaneous communication with Confluence no matter the physical distance. This technology is sought after by numerous off-world corporations, but so far the self-destruction sequences coded into the agents, along with fear of reprisal by Confluence, has stopped this from happening.1


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