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Arl's skyline.

World Akiton
Region Arlkari Plateau
Population 18,350,000
Demographics 38% human, 36% ysoki, 11% android, 15% other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Vahal Ayos

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 53
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Arl is one of the oldest and largest cities on Akiton.[1]


Arl stands atop the Arlkari Plateau in northern Akiton. Its old quarter is one of the best preserved in the Pact Worlds system. The star attraction is the Crimson Forum, a crumbling arena that once housed the greatest blood sports on the planet until replaced by the VitariTech Coliseum, a state-of-the-art stadium with 150000 seats that host all kinds of sports.[1]


Arl was founded millennia before the Gap. Its equivalent of a king, the thurok, ruled the Arlkari Plateau for ages before being demoted to a puppet in a parliamentary thurokracy. Since Drift travel made Akiton's thasteron industry obsolete, the planet became dangerous and the thurok became an absolute monarch again after a military coup. The city rebooted its manufacturing industry, though it struggles to remain financially competitive.[1]


The current ruler of Arl is Thurok Vahal Ayos, who prefers bold shows of force, like sending soldiers against raiding parties or posting bounties on dangerous creatures near the city, over sustained recovery and often imposes new tariffs to protect the factories.[1]


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