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{{Technological item}} is designed for use on pages about technological items, weapons, and armor. For hybrid items, see {{Hybrid item}}. For magic items, see {{Magic item}}.


{{Technological item
| image        = 
| name         = 
| manufacturer = 
| type         = 
| versions     = 
| slot         = 
| power        = 
| duration     = 
| capacity     =
| level        = 
| price        = 
| bulk         = 
| projectile   = 
| beam         = 
| blade        = 
| ammo         = 
| range        = 
| origin       = 
| affiliation  = 
| imagesof     =
| source       = 
| page         = 


manufacturer (optional)
The item's manufacturer.
type (optional)
The item's type.
versions (optional)
Versions of the item, such as MkI, Mk2, etc.
held (optional)
Whether the item must be held in one hand, two hands, held, worn, or is consumable.
power (optional)
The power source, if any.
duration (optional)
The duration of its effect once activated, if relevant.
capacity (optional)
The number of uses or charges the item has before it is expended or must be recharged.
level (optional)
The item's level.
price (optional)
The item's base price.
bulk (optional)
The item's bulk, either numeric, L, or —.
projectile (optional)
If a projectile weapon, the type of projectile.
beam (optional)
If a beam weapon, the type of beam.
blade (optional)
If a bladed weapon, the type of blade.
ammunition (optional)
If the item has discrete ammunition, as opposed to battery charges.
range (optional)
The item's range, if relevant.
slots (optional)
The number of available upgrade slots.
origin (optional)
The item's origin, if it has a specific source.
affiliation (optional)
The item's affiliation, if used by a specific organization.
source (optional)
The book considered the best source of information about the item.
page (optional)
The page number in the source, if relevant.