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{{Iconic}} is for use in any article about one of the Starfinder Iconic characters. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

This template is based upon the Book and Deity templates located at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


| image         = 
| name          = 
| race          = 
| gender        = 
| class         = 
| alignment     = 
| homeland      = 
| deity         = 
| dob           = 
| companion     = 
| eidolon       = 
| familiar      = 
| spirit animal = 
| mount         = 
| imagesof      = 
| source        = 
| page          = 


image (optional)
An image of the character (usually taken from the Paizo blog). The recommended size is 250px, but if larger the image should scale to fit the template.
The character's name.
race (optional)
The character's race.
gender (optional)
The character's gender.
class (optional)
The character's class(es).
alignment (optional)
The character's alignment.
homeland (optional)
The character's homeland.
deity (optional)
The character's deity/religious beliefs.
dob (optional)
The character's date of birth.
companion (optional)
The character's animal companion's name.
eidolon (optional)
The character's eidolon's name.
familiar (optional)
The character's familiar's name.
spirit animal (optional)
The character's spirit animal's name.
mount (optional)
The character's mount's name.
imagesof (optional)
The name of the category that contains images of this iconic character, which appears as a link to the category page. For instance, an imagesof value of Navasi will create a link to Category:Images of Navasi with the link text "Images of Navasi".
source (optional)
The sourcebook in which the character first appeared. If there are multiple versions of the iconic from different rules editions, use the most recent rules set.
page (optional)
The page number of the source of the character.