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{{Adventure}} is for use in any article about an adventure, namely those released in the Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure, and Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild lines. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank. If undefined, these optionals will not appear. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size. This template was initially borrowed from, and future additions based upon, the Book Template at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


| image     = 
| website   = 
| title     = 
| author    = 
| author1   = 
| author2   = 
| artist1   =
| artist2   =
| publisher = 
| pubcode   = 
| price     = 
| released  = 
| expected  = 
| type      = 
| binding   = 
| pages     = 
| isbn      = 
| rules     = 
| series    = 
| chapters  = 
| follows   = 
| precedes  = 
| awards    = 
| errata    = 
| enhance   = 
| gallery   = 


image (optional)
An image of the adventure's cover. The recommended size is 250px. If the image is a placeholder, include {{placeholder}} after the image.
website (optional)
The url of the adventure's official product page on the publisher's website.
The title of the adventure. Don't forget to italicize.
List and link the adventure's cover-credited author(s) in this field. Follow with et al. if there are authors only credited in the interior, or if there are more than three authors.
author1 .. n (optional)
List each author with its own authorn entry, without linking them. For example: author1 = James Jacobs, author2 = F. Wesley Schneider, etc. The article is automatically categorized for each author with an authorn parameter.
artist1 .. n (optional)
Plain-text individual artists: artist1 = A, artist2 = B, etc. Used in automated categories.
The name of the publisher. This will usually be Paizo Inc. for Paizo works published 2014 and later, and Paizo Publishing, LLC for Paizo works published 2013 and earlier. Any text you enter here will automatically be linked.
pubcode (optional)
The publisher's product code for this release (PZO9500, etc.). If this field is included, a pubcode must be present for the website link to appear beneath the image.
The purchase price of the product, usually in the form of Print: $4.99<br />PDF: Free.
released (optional)
The adventure's past release date, either as a year (1998), a month and year (June 1998), or a full date (June 26, 1998).
Include this only if the adventure has been released. If not, use the expected parameter below.
expected (optional)
The adventure's future release date, either as a year (1998), a month and year (June 1998), or a full date (June 26, 1998).
Include this only if the adventure has been announced but not yet released. Remember to also add the {{Announced}} template to the article body.
Once the book is released, replace expected with released.
The adventure type. This should almost always be Adventure, even for Starfinder Society and Starfinder Adventure Card Game scenarios. Using any other type will alter the adventure's categorization.
binding (optional)
Usually one of the options below, but other binding types are possible.
  • Paperback
  • Hardback
  • PDF
pages (optional)
The total number of pages within the book.
isbn (optional)
The ISBN product code of the physical book, which is linked to an ISBN search on various websites.
rules (optional)
The adventure's rules set, which can be:
series (optional)
If this adventure is part of a series, the name of the series.
chapters (optional)
If this adventure is a chapter of another work, state which chapter. This is infrequently used, as individual chapters are typically noted within the parent article.
follows and precedes (optional)
Links to the adventures that immediately precede and follow this adventure in its product line. If the adventure is also part of a narrative arc or Adventure Path, add a <br /> tag after the product line, then note and link to the arc or Adventure Path followed by this adventure's entry in that series (ie. [[Rise of the Runelords]] 1 of 6)
If the entry is the first or last book in a series, leave the associated parameter blank.
Remember that all book titles should be italicized.
awards (optional)
List awards won by this product here. For ENnie Awards, see {{ENnie gold/doc}} and {{ENnie silver/doc}}.
errata (optional)
Links to official errata for the product should be listed here. Suggested format: [http://paizo.com/errata/link 1st printing]
enhance (optional)
Links to official web enhancements for the product should be listed here. Suggested format: [http://paizo.com/enhancement/link Extra encounter]
gallery (optional)
Include only if the article's name is different than its artwork category. For example, Crypt of Fools (scenario) is the name of the article, but artwork from this volume appears in Category:Artwork from Crypt of Fools, so one would add to that adventure infobox.

Automated categories

Information icon.svg

This template is copied from [Template fetch failed for https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Template:Template:Adventure?action=render: HTTP 0] on PathfinderWiki, and includes products lines that don't yet (and might not ever) exist for Starfinder. When Starfinder's product lines are more mature, this template might be revisited to add, remove, or changes these options.

author1 .. n
If authorn is defined, add "Category:Works by AUTHORn" for each entry.
Category:Products with web enhancements
Category:Products with errata
released, expected, type (optionally: series)
When these parameters are passed, the following categories are used:
  • For categories containing a year (YYYY), when the year cannot be found, we use ????
  • Category:Sourcebooks and "Category:YYYY sourcebooks" if the type is Core
  • Category:Accessories and "Category:YYYY accessories" if the type is Accesory
Note that this function is a work in progress and may change as this and other templates are refined from the original {{Book}} into individual infobox templates based on book type
When this parameter is passed, the following categories are used:

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