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(formerly Dou-Bral)
Holy symbol of Zon-Kuthon
Titles The Midnight Lord
Adjective Kuthite
Home Xovaikain, Shadow Plane
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Darkness
Worshipers Sadists, masochists, murders, torturers, slavers, Servants of Midnight, Joyful Things, Akiton, Apostae, the Diaspora, Eox, Verces
Connections Mindbreaker
Symbol Skull with spiked chains through its eye sockets
Images of Zon-Kuthon

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 492
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Zon-Kuthon, also known as the Midnight Lord and once named Dou-Bral, is an evil deity of pain, suffering, and loss. His alien mind constantly seeks to degrade and destroy others, but his true goals are incomprehensible: he offers no great reward to his worshippers, and the message is that existence itself is pain.[1]


Dou-Bral was the half-brother of Shelyn, goddess of beauty and love. When Dou-Bral grew jealous of his sister's talents, he took a journey beyond the known Great Beyond. He returned to Golarion forever changed: Dou-Bral as he had been known was gone, replaced with the twisted, malevolent Zon-Kuthon.[1]


Zon-Kuthon makes his home in Xovaikain, a planet-sized fortress which occupies the same space that Golarion once did on the Material Plane.[2]


Zon-Kuthon is worshipped by masochists, sadists, murderers, torturers, slavers, quack doctors and those driven to madness by sorrow. His worshipers embody his cruelty, jealousy, and nihilism by constantly inflicting pain, whether to others or themselves. His temples are torture chambers, and his rites almost always involve pain and self-mutilation. While Zon-Kuthon and most of his followers are evil, they tend to keep their word and usually are not wanton killers.[1][3]

There is no centralised church of Zon-Kuthon. His priests, known as the Servants of Midnight, seek to follow their patron's transformation by piercing the veil beyond the Great Beyond. Some of them, known as Joyful Things, voluntarily amputate their limbs and sensory organs, giving them time to develop various inventions, like the shadow drive, a propulsion engine that generates speed from pain and was popular before Drift travel.[1]

Relations with other deities

Zon-Kuthon's sister Shelyn's whereabouts are unknown and her guidance to followers is inconsistent, leading some to speculate that she is journeying beyond the Great Beyond as well in search of a cure for her brother's condition.[1]