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Titles Pearlhaven
Type Planet
Diameter 3/4x
Mass 1/2x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1 year
Day length (PST) 28 hours

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). 62

Zeres is a tropical ocean planet connected to the Plane of Water and hosting a luxury resort called Pearlhaven.[1]


Zeres is one of the three planets orbiting a yellow star. 200 stable portals to the Plane of Water, which formed prior to the Gap for still-unknown reasons, are scattered across Zeres, from high in the sky to deep below the oceans. Saline water from the Plane of Water pour into Zeres from the sky portals and flow down into those under the sea, forming a circulation and creating magnificent waterfalls cascading from the air unknown on other planets.[1]

No continent exists on Zeres, and the largest among thousands of islands is only five miles across. Most of their beaches are covered in soft, pearlescent, shimmering sand, except a few made from obsidian.[1]


No intelligent species is known to have arisen on Zeres. The land fauna are mostly docile and sometimes friendly, but the aquatic creatures, many of which are transplants from the Plane of Water, can be anything from peaceful to dangerous.[1]

Due to its ideal conditions, Zeres was purchased by Glasswater Realty, a real estate corporation said to be operated by marids, and converted into a luxury resort. The company converted the five biggest islands into five major facilities: a starship port, a customer service hub, a hotel, a shopping centre, and housing for the staff, not including the numerous smaller facilities. Airborne cruise ships and hundreds of miles of glass waterslides drift in the air.[1]

Pearlhaven sees thousands of wealthy tourists annually. Each stay costs at least 500 credits daily, plus additional charges like gourmet meals, speciality drinks and activities. The only permanent residents are the resort staff, almost all of whom are water breathers capable of travelling via the water channels connecting the facilities.[1]

Every year, the Celebration Lagoon, a series of flumes and slides attached to a pool, is open to the public for approximately a week. Tickets to the lagoon, valid for a day each, are provided for free in a lottery system.[1]


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