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Yellow Dwarf

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Yellow Dwarf
Class Transport
Manufacturer Aurora Projects
Armament High explosive missile launcher
Coilguns x2
Light particle beam
Power Core Pulse Green
Tier 3
Crew 5
Affiliation Dawn Patrol

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). Inside Front Covers

The Yellow Dwarf is a starship manufactured by Aurora Projects, a technological firm affiliated with the church of Sarenrae, and employed by the Dawn Patrol, the Sarenite security force that keeps watch over the entrance to the Burning Archipelago. For this purpose, the Yellow Dwarf is outfitted with decent weaponry against illegal aliens and a brig to hold prisoners, and has no need of a Drift engine. When needed, Yellow Dwarfs also carry cargo and passengers to and from the Burning Archipelago, and each crew member's tour of duty on one can last for months.[1]


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