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Year of a Thousand Bites

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world. This article contains spoilers for the following products: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Season 2

Season 2 of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign is referred to as the Year of a Thousand Bites.


Players can choose to advance the agenda of a faction during each scenario and receive rewards as their reputation grows with each faction.[1]

Metaplot overview

Season 2 releases

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, scenario tags, briefing officer, notes/plot, or location.

SFS# Title Tier Faction/Tags Officer Notes/Plot Location
2-00 Fate of the Scoured God 1-12 Second Seekers (Jadnura), Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Exclusive, Repeatable (Based on subtier ranges), Starship

Concludes the ongoing Year of the Scoured Stars storyline. Scoured Stars
2-01 Pact World Warriors 1-4 Acquisitives Radaszam Begins the Year of a Thousand Bites storyline. Eox
2-02 Waking the Past 3-6 - Arvin - Thosum V
2-03 Withering World, TheThe Withering World 1-4 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Arvin - Enereth-7
2-04 Future's Fall 7-10 - Kunoris Vex Builds on 1-00 Claim to Salvation, 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme!, & 1-20 Duskmire Accord 9 Salvation's End
2-05 Meeting of Queens 1-4 Starship Arvin - Castrovel
2-06 Stumbling Society, Part 1: Sangoro's Lament, TheThe Stumbling Society, Part 1: Sangoro's Lament 5-8 Exo-Guardians Zigvigix Part 1 of The Stumbling Society, these two scenarios are intended to be played in order. Mazdrun
2-07 Four for the First 1-4 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo), Repeatable Luwazi Elsebo Part of a global vote to determine the new First Seeker.
2-08 Stumbling Society, Part 2: Sangoro's Gifts, TheThe Stumbling Society, Part 2: Sangoro's Gifts 5-8 Wayfinders Fitch Part 2 of The Stumbling Society, these two scenarios are intended to be played in order. Stabrisis-14
2-09 Bluerise Breakout 1-4 - Arvin - Bluerise Tower,
Absalom Station
2-10 Corporate Interests 3-6 Quest, Repeatable, Starship Naiaj - Pact Worlds
2-11 Descent into Verdant Shadow 3-6 - Naiaj Explore the ice wells of Aballon Aballon
2-12 Colossus Heist 7-10 Acquisitives, Vehicle Radaszam - Daimalko
2-13 Storm of the End Times 1-4 - Arvin Builds on Into the Unknown Wealdriad
2-14 Data Purge 9-12 Dataphiles, Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo,
Break into the Lorespire Complex Lorespire Complex,
Absalom Station
2-15 Infernal Gallery, TheThe Infernal Gallery 1-4 Starship Arvin Explore a mysterious swamp in the Drift The Drift
2-16 A Scoured Home 5-8 Second Seekers (Jadnura), Wayfinders Fitch Jadnura sends you back to the homeworld of the Izalguun Icefront
2-17 Cost of Living 3-6 - Naiaj Deliver medical supplies to a colony hit by a plague Zeyther-3
2-18 Forbidden Tides 7-10 Exo-Guardians Suulhu-Huur The Society returns to Arniselle to follow-up on the activities of group of radical Morlamaws Arniselle
2-19 Truth Keepers 3-6 Repeatable Naiaj Visit Command Prime to find an artifact stolen by conspiracy theorists Vesk Prime
2-20 Shades of Spite 7-10 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Luwazi Elsebo A servant of Grandmother Rat offers the Society a glimpse into the history of its current foe. Plane of Shadow
2-21 Illegal Shipment 1-4 Exo-Guardians, Wayfinders Fitch Track down escaped Swarm lifeforms and stop a full-scale infestation inside the Pact Worlds! Absalom Station
2-22 Rasheen's Reception 5-8 Acquisitives, Dataphiles Celita Builds on 1-35 Rasheen's Riches Marixah Republic
2-23 Edge of Cadascon, TheThe Edge of Cadascon 3-6 - Zafeldrin Explore the ruined Triaxian city of Cadascon Triaxus
2-24 Cornered Rat 9-12 Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo), Starship Luwazi Elsebo The Society mounts a full offensive against its year-long foe. Diaspora