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Yaraesa's holy symbol.
Titles Lady of Wisdom
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Knowledge
Mental perfection
Worshipers Aballon, Absalom Station, Bretheda, Castrovel
Connections Akashic
Symbol Atom with a brain as its nucleus
Images of Yaraesa

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 492

Yaraesa, also known as the Lady of Wisdom, is a goddess of knowledge, learning, and science. She embodies the perpetual struggle toward mental and spiritual self-perfection, and is said by lashuntas to have been a mortal scientist who ascended to divinity by mastering every form of knowledge within her lifetime.[1]


In contrast to deities who offer to their worshipers, Yaraesa demands of it hers. To Yaraesa's followers, the core meaning of life is to search for knowledge and meaning through education and experimentation. They attempt to emulate her mastery of all fields of knowledge in their own attempts to transcend mortality, though each follower might take a different approach. For instance, they consider formal education, exercise, and meditation equally valid forms of self-mastery — the common thread between them being the application of the scientific process to measure and improve their understanding of reality.[1]

As such — and somewhat unusually for a religion — Yaraesa's worshipers reject conventional notions of faith. Her followers gain her divine magic through scientifically reproducible means rather than doctrine or blind faith.[1]

In the Pact Worlds

Yaraesa is widely worshiped by lashuntas of Castrovel, and credit her with many of their early scientific accomplishments.[1]