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From StarfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 5
Environment Any (Arybus system)

Source: Escape from the Prison Moon, pg(s). 61

Xaarbs are vicious, one-gendered predators from the Arybus system whose society is based entirely on physical supremacy over each other and other races.[1]


With its mouth closed, a xaarb looks like a spherical lump of short, dark fur. Xaarbs have large eyes and four stout limbs which can walk either bipedally or quadrupedally. Their massive mouths house jaws that take up most of their bodies, filled with long, pointy teeth.[1]


Despite their vicious society, xaarbs nonetheless became a spacefaring race due to their wars against other intelligent species of their home system. They eventually conquered it, but eventually found themselves outmatched by the Veskarium and the Azlanti Star Empire.[1]


Xaarbs have only one gender. They can understand but not speak languages, and have to use text-to-speech devices to communicate with others. Their own mother tongue is a sign language consisting of hand and jaw movements.[1]


Xaarb society is based entirely on physical dominance over others. The expected method of gaining wealth and status is to establish dominance over other xaarbs and demand both obedience and tribute from them; having to pay for something is incredibly shameful.[1]

Since their contact with the superior Veskarium and Azlanti Star Empire, the xaarbs have split into three factions. Lesser xaarbs accept that they are inferior to the vesk and Azlanti, and dutifully serve them. Greater xaarbs seek to conquer these empires and assert their dominance. Unspoken xaarbs consider their society insufficient and that they must cooperate with others; they are the most scattered of the xaarbs and the easiest for outsiders to deal with, but still sometimes feel the need to assert their supremacy.[1]