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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(elemental; air/earth/fire/water)
CR 2
Environment Any (Elemental Planes)
Adjective Wysp

Source: Sun Divers, pg(s). 60
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Wysps are tiny spherical elemental beings, each corresponding to an element: air wysp, earth wysp, fire wysp, or water wysp.[1]


Wysps are one of the oldest outsider races, formed from pure ethereal energy that coalesced due to mystical vibrations between the Elemental and Ethereal Planes. These ancient wysps roamed the Elemental Planes in nomadic groups, marvelling at the beauty and experiences their home offered. They were sensitive to elemental resonances and perceived them as the musical expression of creation.[1]

As their numbers grew, wysps attracted the attention of the elemental lords, who sought to exploit their understanding of elemental resonances. The elemental lords bred new generations of wysps for service and self-sacrifice, and they partially lost their connection to the music of reality, becoming specialised towards a single element.[1]


Wysp communities are traditionally led by conductors, who possess the greatest affinity to the music of creation. Conductors usually operate independently, except in projects of grand scale, like the 'song of creation', during which a symphony of wyssp harmonises with an Elemental Plane to create new wysps.[1]

Although most wysps now live as servants to other elemental creatures, a few groups have escaped and returned to their old way of life before the elemental lords enslaved them. Their conductors have regained their connection to the music of reality. These wysps are nomadic and cautious, and quick to flee from anyone that might enslave them.[1]

Wysps are naturally cheerful and curious, even when living in servitude.[1]