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A witchwyrd.
Type Monstrous humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any
Adjective witchwyrd
Images of witchwyrds

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 122-123
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Witchwyrds are a race of four-armed avid wanderers and itinerant traders, crossing unimaginable distances to trade in every corner of the Great Beyond.[1]


Witchwyrds have four arms and hairless gray-blue skin. Their extra arms are flexible, easily foldable behind their backs and concealed. Their eyes glow, especially as they absorb force energy. Witchwyrds stand an average of 7 feet tall and weigh approximately 300 pounds. They favor loose, flowing robes and distinctive conical hats, and they frequently cover their faces, especially if they're new to a market or do not want to be identified.[1]


Witchwyrds can 'grab' a magic missile spell directed towards them and absorb its energy; produce bolts of magical force to fire at opponents; and speak to any creature that has a language. Witchwyrds seem to gain some manner of sustenance from the magical force energy they absorb, but still breathe, drink, eat and sleep. They have a fondness for extremely spicy foods. The average lifespan of witchwyrds is unknown, but known to be very long.[1]


Witchwyrds originated from a mysterious world called Cyrune about which nothing else is known. In the distant past, witchwyrds seeded Kasath and Akiton with intelligent creatures called kasatha and shobhad, modelled after themselves; the reason for this remains a mystery. Shortly after the Gap, witchwyrds returned to Kasath, then a dying world, and told the kasatha of the perfect world: a place called Akiton. This eventually resulted in the construction of the generation ship Idari, which left Kasath on an exodus towards the Pact Worlds system.[1]


Witchwyrds can be found nearly everywhere with civilised trade, preferring dry, warm regions. The details of witchwyrd government and society are unknown, other than a widespread belief that a mercantile oligarchy of elders directs witchwyrd interplanetary and interplanar trade.[1]

Most witchwyrds operate as solitary traders, primarily focusing on one area of trade. Virtually all witchwyrds love haggling, sometimes moreso than striking the deal itself.[1]

Witchwyrds often travel with loyal mercenaries hired from worlds they've visited in the past. These hirelings seem to be forbidden from speaking of remuneration.[1]

Witchwyrds can be encountered throughout the Pact Worlds, most commonly on Absalom Station, Akiton, and the Idari. On the Pact Worlds, they usually do business as members of the Tetrad, an interplanetary and interplanar trade association.[1]


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