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Class Explorer
Manufacturer Vanguard Craftworks
Armament Coilgun
Light laser cannons x2
Light aeon torpedo launcher
Power Core Arcus Maximum
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 2
Crew 6
Affiliation Azlanti Star Empire

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). Inside Covers

The Voidsweeper is a compact, durable starship manufactured by Vanguard Craftworks and commonly used by the Azlanti Star Empire to transport personnel, explore unknown solar systems, patrol subjugated systems and pacify less advanced civilisations. Voidsweepers are versatile and often retrofitted between missions to an appropriate layout for the next one. Imperial Fleet officers tend to be possessive of these ships and often boast of the number of successful missions of these 'Voidsweepers', or co-opt them for personal missions.[1]