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Void palm

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Void palm
Type Plant
CR 7
Environment Any land

Source: Escape from the Prison Moon, pg(s). 60

Void palms are a rare species of plants capable of producing areas without gravity.[1]


A void palm's fronds are fan-shaped and mottled red, and are always in constant motion. When seen in black and white, the pattern on a void palm's fronds resemble a dim, distant field of stars. The typical void palm is 15 feet tall and weighs around 1000 pounds.[1]


When sufficiently big prey approach a void palm, a 20-foot-radius area around the void palm becomes devoid of both non-magical light and gravity, making it difficult for prey to escape, especially after the void palm has swept that area of debris that might be used as handholds or counterbalance.[1]

Once a year, a void palm spends a week to produce a brilliant blue seed from each stalk, then flings them across the universe. These seeds can ignore gravity so they could escape the parent's planet and reach new ones to sprout.[1]