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A vlaka.
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any (Lajok)
Adjective vlaka

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 134-135

Vlakas are a species of canine humanoids from Lajok, a cold, doomed planet in the Vast. Vlakas are born with an equal chance of having functional senses or being blind or deaf.[1]


A vlaka is a wolf-like humanoid covered in thick white fur, patched with blue, grey or black spots, which protects them from the cold of their home. A typical vlaka stands 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weighs from 175 to 250 pounds.[1]


Vlakas evolved on Lajok, a harsh world that becomes less habitable every year as its star grows dim; it is theorised that life might only be able to exist on Lajok for a few more centuries. In this inhospitable environment, the vlakas have learnt the value of collectivism: they are willing to aid and encourage their friends, and respect the wise and those that prefer listening to talking. Councils of vlaka leaders are expected to fulfil their roles, which rotate between members, instead of hoarding political power for themselves. Vlakas can acutely sense others' emotions, and offer encouragement if needed. For this reason, they are often agreed to be leaders of groups of multiple species; most of them accept the responsibilities but not the respect granted by their leadership.[1]

Despite their access to magic and technology that can cure their inherent racial blindness or deafness, not all vlakas do so, valuing the diversity of their ways to sense the world.[1]

Some vlakas build strong communities that can last as long as possible on doomed Lajok, but others seek long-term solutions in the form of travelling across the universe. Due to their role as intermediaries between Eox and other planets in the signing of the Absalom Pact, vlakas have become famous in this role, and sometimes are even willing to work with clients with a proven bad behaviour, hoping to find a solution for the good of everyone and improve such behaviour.[1]

Most vlakas seek out like-minded groups of aliens to work with and do good in a brutal galaxy. However, certain races try to take advantage of vlakas' camaraderie, causing some of them to focus on animals or constructs instead.[1]


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