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Class Dreadnought
Manufacturer Azlanti Star Empire
Armament Heavy laser net
Quantum missile launcher
Super radiant cannon
Heavy laser net
Laser net
Power Core Gateway Ultra
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 18
Crew 260
Affiliation Azlanti Star Empire

Source: The Reach of Empire, pg(s). 53

The Sovereign Vindicator is the massive capital starship model of the Azlanti Star Empire, manufactured in the state-run Imperial Foundry.[1]

Vindicators lead Azlanti armadas at the front line, supported by Nexuses and Harriers and opening the way for Sumpters to land by eliminating hostile starships. Due to their size and power, usually only duxillars, arciduxes or royal family members are allowed to command Vindicators.[1]


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