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Type Planet
Diameter 6-1/3x
Mass 80x
Gravity 2x
Atmosphere Special
Year length (PST) 87 years
Day length (PST) 11 hours
System Suskillon system
Satellites Numerous moons

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 62

Vharrine is the fourth planet in the Suskillon system, a gas giant that emits an unusual signal from its core.[1][2]


Vharrine's upper atmosphere constantly shifts in massive tidal surges and endless storms. Its many moons contribute to the turbulence, but not so much as Vharrine itself: its core emits a powerful electromagnetic signal that hurls metallic particles through the atmosphere. The pulses are erratic with an undercurrent of noise, the result of variance within the signal.[1]


Shirren researchers from Vharrine Station D have had some success deciphering Vharrine's electromagnetic signal. They believe that an unknown entity is speaking through the pulses sent to Vharrine, but are unsure if this creature actually lives within Vharrine or only uses it as a communications relay. When questioned, it speaks clearly but cryptically, identifies itself as the research team speaking to it and is capable of disclosing secret information, suggesting advanced techniques like telepathy, precognition or temporal displacement.[1] Those who stay near Vharrine for too long risk becoming songtwisted, begin to hear the signal in their thoughts and dreams, and seek to spread the song across the galaxy.[3]

Vharrine has recently been settled by goblins and hobgoblins who view Vharrine's turbulent atmosphere as the perfect place to hold aeronautic competitions. Rival teams compete over speed, glory and destruction, with the only rule being that Drift travel is forbidden, after an incident that saw an Apostae-sized chunk of atmosphere falling into the Drift.[1]

The races are broadcast by the Vharrine Aerobatic Xenoracers live across the Drift, arriving on other worlds days or weeks after. Regular traffic or research stations are incorporated within the races, and trying to stop the racers has only made the shows more complicated and spectacular. Some have noticed that these broadcasts carry part of Vharrine's strange magnetic signal, which has become clearer in recent broadcasts.[1]


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