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Type Interplanetary government
Headquarters Vesk Prime
Members Vesk

The Veskarium, an interplanetary empire in the inhabited solar system nearest to the Pact Worlds, is home to the vesk race.[1]

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A vesk.

The rigid organization and martial focus of vesk society led to the race conquering the other races of its home system after achieving space travel. The resulting empire was named Veskarium, and eventually extended to encompass their entire system. After Drift travelers from the nearest inhabited system made first contact, Veskarium invaded their system, initiating the Silent War. The conflict led the various planets of the Pact Worlds system to unite into a single government known as the Pact Worlds. The war lasted for approximately 250 years, until both the Veskarium and the Pact Worlds were invaded by an extrasolar enemy known as the Swarm. This mutual threat forced Veskarium to call a truce with the Pact Worlds in 291 AG and join forces; this uneasy truce has held to the present day.[1][2]