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Type Planet
Diameter 2/3x
Mass 4/9x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Thin
Year length (PST) 72 days
Day length (PST) 17 hours
Orbits Ghavaniska
System Veskarium
Inhabitants Kothamas

Source: Near Spacec, pg(s). 56

Vesk-8 is the outermost planet of the Veskarium, a cold, mountainous world home to frost behemoths known as kothamas who call it simply 'home'.[1]


Vesk-8 takes the same time to complete a rotation as its twin Vesk-7, although Vesk-7's orbit is retrograde. Twice a year, the two are so close to each other that their shared moon Traverse transfers its orbit from one to the other. Magical portals that connect Vesk-7 and Vesk-8 are only active during this time.[1]

Vesk-8 is volcanically active, under the gravity of Vesk-7 and Traverse. Its surface is covered in mountains, including Mount Matha, the highest peak in the Veskarium. The only place where liquid water can be found on Vesk-8 are hot springs at the bases of mountains, where water bubbles up from the depths. Lava tubes and fissures create a subterranean tunnel network spanning the entire planet. Shimmerstone, a supernaturally calming mineral, can only be found on Vesk-8's mountains.[2]


Although Vesk-8 nominally falls inside Veskarium territory, in practice its authority extends only a few miles from the capital Command 8. Its high despot, Jularaz, is often away from Vesk-8 for 'important business', leaving most of the governance to his subordinates. Although they are aware of the effect of the kothamas' calming aura on themselves, the vesk mostly ignore them since the kothamas do not challenge Veskarium rule. The kothamas, for their part, need no government or justice system due to their solitary and contemplative lifestyle, but are nevertheless considered full Veskarium citizens.[3]


The only intelligent species native to Vesk-8 are the kothamas, who inhabit the highest mountain peaks and have also made their way to Vesk-7 through the portals that connect both worlds.[3] The deep valleys between the mountains are devoid of all life. Lush fungal forests cover Vesk-8's deep caverns and light them up with bioluminescence, and are considered one of the largest and most diverse colonies across the galaxy, although most of the caverns are unexplored. Rumours of a civilisation of large plants in the depths are unconfirmed.[2]

The vesk troopers at Command 8 far outnumber the number of civilians on the whole planet. Due to its distant location and small value, vesk consider a posting to Vesk-8 a punishment for dissidents or dishonoured vesk.[1] Convicted criminals from across the Veskarium, mostly those sentenced to life imprisonment, are sent to Penal Colony 8 to mine shimmerstone, where they rarely last long before perishing under the harsh conditions. Many prisoners are tired of their lot, and have been speaking of overthrowing Veskarium rule and selling the shimmerstone for themselves.[3][4]