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Type Planet
Diameter 12x
Mass 290x
Gravity 2x
Atmosphere Special
Year length (PST) 13 years
Day length (PST) 9 hours
Orbits Ghavaniska
System Veskarium
Satellites Numerous, including Vesk-5.1, Vesk-5.2, Vesk-5.3

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 44

Vesk-5 is the fifth and largest planet and only gas giant in the Veskarium.[1]


Vesk-5 is a gas giant made predominantly of hydrogen and helium, divided into vibrant red and purple circular bands. Their collisions result in immense magenta vortex storms flickering with electricity. Dozens of storms kick up every day, and each can rage for several days. The largest of them is the Eternal Rage, which is even more massive than some of the Veskarium's terrestrial planets.[1]

Beneath the cloud tops, the magenta gases in Vesk-5's atmosphere shimmer brilliantly from the millions of mineral motes ejected from the core. The deeper levels are made of metallic hydrogen, which violently amplifies light and electricity. The pressure is strong enough to crush anything to dust, and the gravity can disrupt radio waves.[1] Vesk-5's dense, hot, unstable core consists of precious minerals like diamond and starmetals, which are occasionally ejected into the outer layers.[2]

Vesk-5 is orbited by a slowly rotating ring system and more than two dozen moons, most of which are barren rocks. The largest three, designated Vesk-5.1, Vesk-5.2 and Vesk-5.3 by the Veskarium, are more habitable.[2]


In order to maintain its monopoly on Vesk-5's resources, the Veskarium government restricts travel to the planet.[1] Civilians are only allowed on its moons, and are expected to strictly follow Veskarium law. Although its official capital is Command 5, it has no civilian residents and is largely removed from daily governance due to its remote location. Vesk-5's high despot, Kesharkan, believes that vesk peacekeepers are sufficient to maintain control over civilian settlements. Anyone caught gathering or trading Vesk-5's resources are given no mercy, and even accidental violators are punished harshly.[3]


Vesk-5's only intelligent inhabitants are formians, who make their homes in its ring system. They were never mentioned in any pre-Gap records, and they are biologically identical to their cousins in Castrovel, making their true origin a mystery. Wildlife on Vesk-5 is sparse, including electrovores in the electrified upper layers and omas who sometimes trespass into restricted zones.[2]

Vesk-5's turbulent atmosphere poses considerable dangers to vesk military installations in the planet.[3] Despite their pride and unwillingness to submit to the weather, only few vesk reside on Vesk-5 itself.[2]

A group of daring adventurers who call themselves stormrunners brave Vesk-5's dangers and patrol ships to illegally mine its minerals with energy nets. The Veskarium government brands them outlaws, a label which they have proudly appropriated.[3]