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Titles Iji
Type Planet
Diameter 5/8x
Mass 2/5x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 4 years
Day length (PST) 1 day
Orbits Ghavaniska
System Veskarium
Inhabitants Ijtikris

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 26

Vesk-2, called Iji by the native ijtikris, is the second planet in the Veskarium, a calm, watery world covered in a shallow ocean.[1]


Vesk-2 is a terrestrial planet covered in a calm, shallow, warm worldwide ocean. Due to the lack of a moon, there is no tidal activity and the waters are calm. No true continent exists on Vesk-2: even the largest landmasses are relatively small and inundated in saline water. Marshes and swamps are common, and highlands are very rare. Major islands include swampy Jahkili, mountainous Kilti, forested and partially-flooded Zwidji and high-altitude Oolwi in the northern hemisphere; temperate Tirki, large, arable Dajahi and Ijahi in the southern hemisphere; and equatorial Command 2, which serves as the planetary capital. Vesk-2 has no axial tilt.[1][2]

Vesk-2 is not very tectonically and volcanically active, resulting in a very stable surface. It lacks minerals and heavy elements, and is less dense than normal. The weather is warm and mild, with few storms and no polar ice caps. Most of Vesk-2's deserts contain mysterious ancient ruins, and unusual phenomena like fluctuating radiation and spacetime distortions have been observed around them.[1][2]


Vesk-2 is divided into seven administrative regions, each centred around a major island (or pair of islands, in case of Dajahi and Ijahi). The protected islands of Trafodi and the Yiti Preserve fall under the direct administration of Command 2 and Vesk-2's high despot.[2] Military governors who oversee Vesk-2's other six regions serve at the high despot's whim and can be dismissed at any time. Blesnaya Sobok, the incumbent high despot, takes a relaxed approach due to Vesk-2's prosperity and peacefulness, and regional governors are given great autonomy.[3]


In the ancient past, the ijtikris lived in numerous city-states across Iji. Each only exerted minimal outward political influence, and the ijtikris as a whole held little power. Combined with their primitive technology, the ijtikris posed very little resistance to the vesk when their armies landed on Iji. In 3226 PG, Iji became the first planet to be conquered by the Veskarium, not counting their native Vesk Prime. As the conquest happened so long ago, most ijtikris have forgotten about it, and consider the vesk to have always been their overlords.[4][3]


In addition to the native ijtikris, Vesk-2 has long been home to a vesk population. Due to the ijtikris' imprinting behaviour, the two species are highly integrated: vesk lead and ijtikris follow. For this reason, life is peaceful on Vesk-2, and most ijtikris do not consider themselves oppressed, but see the social order as proper and comfortable.[3] Most dangers on Vesk-2 come from aggressive wildlife, like defrexes or yiriki.[5]

Similarly, vesk living in Vesk-2 are similarly relaxed, finding it easy to rule over the ijtikris. Many take pride in their homeworld's natural beauty and rich culture, and consider the ijtikris more their kin than fellow vesk from other planets, even though the Veskarium officially discourages such attitudes. Due to its numerous beauty salons, resorts and wild, rugged natural preserves, Vesk-2 is a popular tourist destination. Some of these tourists have spread the Green Faith to Vesk-2, which is tolerated by the Veskarium authority, as it is beneficial for the planet and does not conflict with their values.[3]

Vesk-2's cities feature a mix of vesk and ijtikri architecture. It serves the Veskarium as a major source of salt and food, including fish, algae, and native and salt-tolerant plants. Its defrex ranches are famous across the galaxy.[3]

Vesk-2's islands are dotted with mysterious ruins older than the ijtikri species, suggesting that it might have been home to an intelligent species in the distant past. Similar ruins can also be found on Vesk-5.3.[1] These ruins are home to numerous mutant varieties of local species, as well as bizarre monsters from all parts of the galaxy. Ijtikris have a natural antipathy for these ruins; vesk do not and have explored many of them, although as a result of ijtikri protests, most such explorations have been simple surveys. Any who wish to enter these ruins must ask permission from the local governor.[5]