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A vesk.
Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any
Adjective vesk
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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 52-53

Vesk[1] are a humanoid race resembling lizards who hail from Veskarium, an interplanetary empire near the Pact Worlds.[2]


Vesk average about 7 feet in height and are scaled humanoids with bony facial protrusions.[2]

Sexual dimorphism

Female vesk have brighter, more colorful scale patterns than male vesk. They otherwise have similar features and body types.[3]


Prior to the introduction of Drift travel, vesk conquered their own solar system's other races to form an interplanetary empire they named Veskarium. After Drift travelers established contact with Veskarium, the Pact Worlders shared with them the technology to build Drift engines. Veskarium engineers raced to update their existing starships with the new technology, and immediately initiated a war to conquer the Pact Worlds. This lead to the Silent War, and lead to the creation of the Pact Worlds as a defensive alliance. After centuries of combat, Veskarium later declared a truce to fight alongside the Pact Worlds against the larger threat of the Swarm.[2][4]


Most vesk advance in their society through military service, as mercenaries or duelists, or though some find more peaceful mercantile success. Most value honorable acts, efficiency, respect, and the rule of law, and while typically stoic in front of other races, vesk are prone to emotional outbursts in private or during battle.

Vesk culture does not prioritize education, and many vesk who seek knowledge exile themselves from their home societies to travel the stars. Other vesk who leave Veskarium do so in pursuit of glory as mercenaries or adventurers.[2]


  1. The singular and plural forms of vesk are the same.
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