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Verdeon is a bubble in the Burning Archipelago, connected to Dawnshore, Stellacuna and Chroma. Dedicated to horticulture and tourism, most of Verdeon consists of gardens and pleasure domes.[1]


The heart of Verdeon is the Floating Gardens and surrounded by the Greenbelts, the largest greenhouse in the Pact Worlds system, which produce unique food varietals, as crops take on new flavours when grown within the sun itself. Many of the Burning Archipelago's greatest restaurants are located in Verdeon, where they could have the easiest access to fresh ingredients. As the Burning Archipelago exports very little food, Verdeon is the only place where these varietals can be sampled.[2][3]

In addition to horticulture, Verdeon's secondary purpose is tourism: located in it are several pleasure domes, ranging from high-end spas to casinos, which offer luxury and entertainment. A few of these, most notably the Vestrani Gaming Complex, are run by small crime families, more than the Archipelago Senate would want to admit.[4]