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Type Planet
Adjective Varturan
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1-1/4 years
Day length (PST) 1 day
Satellites Arrtinos
Inhabitants Brenneris

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 110

Varturan is a watery planet home to numerous aquatic and semi-aquatic species, both intelligent and not.[1]


Varturan is covered in countless waterways and orbited by two moons, Arrtinos and Rydnan. Their gravity results in dramatic tides every six hours, during which water can rise up to hundreds of feet, resulting in numerous waterlogged environments: large swamps, quicksand seas, underwater forests, and countless unique ecosystems in deep lakes and seas. Even the small pockets of land high or large enough to not be submerged are still subject to constant light rains that cover the entire planet. The constant erosion have created many cave networks, most notably the Jobuwa Chasms beneath the largest continent.[1]


Varturan's numerous species live in harmony with each other under the leadership of the Coalition of Conservation, which considers maintaining the environmental balance one of its main priorities. Countries retain their sovereignty, but the Coalition is empowered to intercede in case of conflict, which has not happened in recorded history.[1]


In 14 AG, a group of scientists discovered a decay in Arrtinos' orbit that would cause it to collide with Rydnan in a few decades, dealing irreparable damage to Varturan's ecosystems. With this knowledge, they reached out to other nations, who founded the Coalition of Conservation for the purpose of correcting Arrtinos' orbit. After the effort succeeded in 27 AG, the Coalition remained in place and soon transitioned into Varturan's governing body.[1]


Varturan's inhabitants are adapted to living in and around water. Some make their homes on land and live off the oceans' bounty, like the brenneris; others, like the grejonns, build large stone and coral cities under the sea.[1] Although most denizens are adapted to the ecosystems, dangerous beasts continue to lurk in dark corners like the Tildavin Forest, the Watrunoz Springs and most notably the Rindowak Tide Pools.[2]