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Type Moon
Orbits Bretheda
System Pact Worlds system
Inhabitants Barathus, prisoners, miners

Source: Core Rulebook, Claim to Salvation
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Varos is one of Bretheda's notorious collection of "death moons", a tidally heated hellscape where temperatures on the moon's surface make it inhospitable for unprotected human life.[1]


Varos occasionally sees elemental or red dragon visitors, attracted to the fiery landscape. Elementalist fireworkers tap into the moon's raw tidal tectonic activity.[2] The barathus maintain prison camps on Varos, where those convicted of violent crimes or violation of the regulations against the reverse-engineering of Confluence Agents' instant communication are held for seemingly (and sometimes literally) interminable sentences.[3] Prisoners endure strict discipline under the threat of exile to the moon's surface. Two such prison camps are the Sauna, an organic building located above the surface and staffed by heat-adapted barathus, and Varos Station 4, where imprisoned constructs and androids mine for gemstones found nowhere outside Varos.[4][5]