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This article contains spoilers for the following products: It Rests Beneath
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1 year
Day length (PST) 1 day
Inhabitants Various wildlife
Big Mina

Source: It Rests Beneath, pg(s). 3

Vabaimus is a verdant, resource-rich planet located in Near Space, home to numerous native wildlife and a plateau-sized, unique alien dubbed Big Mina by the Starfinder Society.[1]


Vabaimus is a vibrant world, filled with mineral resources.[1]


Millions of years ago, a bizarre alien with animal intelligence crashed on Vabaimus. It grows by absorbing the nearby water and plants, and over millions of years, its surface area has reached roughly 85,000 square miles.[1]

Prior to the Scoured Stars Incident, the Wayfinders faction of the Starfinder Society established a research station on Vabaimus, led by Dr. Mora Motressi, who named the strange alien (then only assumed to be a particularly distinctive plateau) Big Mina.[1]


The most notable inhabitant of Vabaimus is the singular, non-intelligent alien dubbed Big Mina. It takes the form of a massive, arid plateau covered in a grey, shell-like material and riddled with tunnels which serve as heat vents.[1]

Over millions of years, the diverse indigenous creatures of Vabaimus have adapted to the presence of the Big Mina. Some of them feed on the calcium of the alien's shell, while others feed on prey that invade its heat vents. However, as Big Mina grows, it will consume the entire world. Meanwhile, a species of sloth-like marsupials are on the path of evolving intelligence, but they will not have enough time to do so before Big Mina consumes the world, if it is not stopped.[1][2]