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From StarfinderWiki
Type Planet
Inhabitants Shadow giants

Source: Heart of Night, pg(s). 50

Urzhash-Duur is a shattered planet in the Shadow Plane, ruled by shadow giants.[1]


Urzhash-Duur is the Shadow Plane counterpart of a forgotten planet whose rulers employed giants for mining. They dug too deep, resulting in a cataclysm that shattered the planet, leaving it a husk half its original size. The Shadow Plane counterpart, however, remained intact as a collection of asteroids.[1]


Urzhash-Duur is ruled by Kahagan Duur, who grew rich by broadcasting blood sports across the Shadow Plane. The world is filled with extensive boot camps and arenas, some of which span multiple asteroids in order to facilitate three-dimensional battles, and attracts combatants from across the Great Beyond who wish to test their mettle against Shadow Plane natives. The shadow giants focus most of their efforts to expand the market of their videos.[1]


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