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Type Moon
Orbits Liavara
System Pact Worlds system

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 115
Population 186,000
Demographics 33% human, 23% android, 8% barathu, 8% ysoki, 5% dirindi, 3% sazaron, 1% sarcesian, 19% other
Government Plutocracy
Alignment Neutral

Source: The Hollow Cabal, pg(s). 39

Upwell is a large shepherd moon of Liavara with no native life that was converted into a space station shortly after Liavara became a Pact Worlds protectorate and Roselight was constructed. Serving as Liavara's primary spaceport, it receives cargo haulers that arrive from Roselight carrying materials mined from the planet and transfer them to bulk freighters to be carried elsewhere. Upwell has never run smoothly; a recent upsurge in accidents and breakdowns has been blamed variously on the Xenowardens (for wishing others to leave the Dreamers alone), the Android Abolitionist Front (due to the numerous androids enslaved by gas mining operations), drow saboteurs from Apostae or any combination of the three. The Stewards and station officials, lacking the resources for an investigation, are looking for an experienced, objective team to do so.[1]