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Type Outsider
(azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good)
CR 8
Environment Any (Elysium)

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 14

Tritidairs are a type of azatas that serve Desna and travel between the stars.[1]


Tritidairs resemble children with antennae, purple skin and butterfly wings. Each tritidair has a unique pattern of glowing lights on their wings corresponding to its birthplace. Their eyes twinkle with hypnotic starlight, so they usually wear goggles to control this gaze, but they can remove these goggles in battle if needed. Tritidairs have no sexual characteristics, and sometimes adopt genders. All tritidairs carry a starknife which charge with energy as they travel and have similar light patterns as their wings.[1]


A tritidair is born with the birth of every new star, but they never remain near their birthplace for long. They are ageless and can outlive their stars of origin; the destruction of the star or the tritidair has no effect on the other. Tritidairs are deeply connected to the nuclear fusion that powers stars, and gain their powers from this connection. They can shift their form to massless purple pure energy to travel between stars or gas giants at the same speed as a starship with a Drift engine, but they explain that some stars are broken and cannot provide passage.[1]

Being outsiders, tritidairs do not need sleep but frequently dream; they find this experience amusing and sometimes receive their missions from Desna via dreams. Creatures sleeping nearby can receive vivid visions from the tritidairs, and for the rest of their lives, their dreams become rich and dramatic but never nightmarish; some worshippers of Desna seek out tritidairs for this purpose. Through the neural pathways opened by a tritidair, Desna sometimes appear to communicate with dreamers likely to aid her; such people become bolder, more helpful and apparently luckier.[1]


Tritidairs are devoted servants of Desna; they frequently visit her at Cynosure and run errands for her across the galaxy, sending messages and aid to her followers and allies. Tritidairs enjoy the arts, and enjoy playing games and sports in large groups. Cheerful and kindhearted, tritidairs prefer joking and playing pranks to fighting, and Desna rarely orders them on violent missions, but they are willing to defend others if necessary.[1]

Tritidairs are nomadic and have no permanent home; they sometimes come to Cynosure or Elysium but spend most of their time in the Material Plane. In their free time, they visit planets or starships to meet new friends and have fun adventures, spreading Desna's faith in the process. Many Desnans who met a tritidair carve that tritidair's wing patterns on their starknives to honour and remember their friend. Because of the tritidair spirit of exploration, myths of flying star children are widespread on many worlds. They are fairly unreliable when called upon (except by Desna), but have formed alliances with some creatures and groups; solarians can feel a connection with tritidairs and vice versa, due to their association with stars.[1]


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