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Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any (Ashypso)

Source: The Forever Reliquary, pg(s). 61

Trinirs are a species of small, bird-headed, biomechanical humanoids native to Ashypso who have no history.[1]


In 319 AG, as Ashypso approached its star, its atmosphere thawed, revealing enclaves of hibernating trinirs. As air moved over them, the trinirs awakened, but had no records or memories of their past outside of dreams of space travel; for them, the Gap ended as they woke.[1]


Immediately after they awakened, the trinirs divided into two groups. The Historians believe that they once had a glorious, harmonious civilisation surviving on Ashypso's summer bounties, and seek to find archaeological evidence of their ancestors beneath the ice. The more numerous Children of Triune insist that the trinirs were created by Triune from the ice of Ashypso, which they consider to be a womb that they must leave behind to explore and populate the galaxy. For this purpose, they magically walk the void and build the machines in their dreams to head for distant stars.[1]


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