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World Bretheda
Population 265,000
Demographics 62% barathu, 8% lashunta, 7% human, 4% kasatha, 3% kalo, 2% android, 1% haan, 1% ysoki, 12% other
Government Autocracy
Ruler Confluence

Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 125

Trillidiem is the largest and most metropolitan arcology on the gas giant Bretheda.[1]


Trillidiem maintains a precise location at Bretheda's northern pole in order to maintain relative stillness among the planet's stormy atmosphere. A side effect of this position is that the city exists in perpetual violet twilight.[1]

Trillidiem has a modular structure consisting of transparent aluminium bubbles called Domes, which are connected by tunnels and passages. Due to this structure, the city can and continues to expand at a breakneck pace.[1]

In the city's spacious Dome 38 lies Cloudhearth, a Talavite temple with a diverse congregation consisting of many races in addition to the traditional kasatha worshippers and native barathu. The biotech firm Iratha Incorporated established their seat in Trillidiem, as an assertion to the quality of their services.[1][2]


Trillidiem is overseen by the barathu government entity Confluence, who often maintains a location near the city to facilitate contact with the various groups based there. It runs the arcology with a hands-off approach, allowing plenty of commerce, legal or not. Occasionally, when the Confluence wanders off, it leaves one or more Confluence Agents in the city to carry on its responsibilities. The Stewards established their Brethedan headquarters in Trillidiem, and the city also supports a significant Starfinder Society presence.[1][3]


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