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Topheki b

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Topheki b
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1-1/4x
Gravity 1-1/4x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 274 days
Day length (PST) 33 hours
System Topheki system

Source: Soldiers of Brass, pg(s). 62

Topheki b is a desert planet that serves as a haven for damaged starships.[1]


Topheki b orbits a star in a binary star system. Its surface is a barren desert, wracked by furious storms tinted purple by a species of bioluminescent beetles that get swept up. The only settlement on Topheki b is located in a 10-mile-wide, tiered depression near the equator and surrounded by a protective energy field.[1]


Topheki b is home to a colony of ifrits who claim that they fled oppression from their homeworld's dominant species, but politely refuse to divulge further details. The hair of these ifrits is violet, like the planet's beetles, instead of the common red or yellow.[1]

The location of the Topheki system is officially unknown to the Pact Worlds government, but savvy pilots always pay attention for such havens, lest they become stranded in space with a failing ship. Those who know Topheki b's location always say that they learnt it from a chance encounter with an ifrit when drinking in a shady bar on a particular remote world or space station.[1]

When a damaged ship approaches Topheki b and sends a distress signal planetward, the residents will invite them to land the ship or ferry the damaged components to the surface with a shuttle, and greet them with friendly smiles when they arrive. Most people who make use of their service claim no further problems, but a few say that their ships occasionally act up, and occasionally their computers or thrusters glow with Topheki b's purple light. All such ships so far have mysteriously vanished shortly after these statements were made.[1]


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