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Threefold Conspiracy

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Threefold Conspiracy is the sixth Starfinder Adventure Path campaign, expected to run from February 2020 to July 2020.


Starfinder Adventure Path
The Chimera Mystery Written by Jason Keeley Expected February 2020
The security officer aboard a luxury space liner, the Chimera, goes missing after the heroes witness her arguing with a passenger. Soon after, the Chimera's engines fail and defy repair. A scholarly patron asks the heroes to investigate the disappearance, which involves murder, misdirection, and misapprehension. To unravel the murder mystery around them, the heroes must follow clues about more than one enigma aboard the Chimera. Secrets and unexpected foes abound. In the end, the investigators find that the whole whodunit is only part of a much larger conspiracy!
Flight of the Sleepers Written by Owen K.C. Stephens Expected March 2020
Barely escaping a doomed transport, the heroes find themselves trapped within a bizarre research facility that has come under attack. Like the other specimens within this crumbling lab, the heroes must seek escape as their first order of business. As they struggle against weird technology and runaway experiments, the heroes run across the elite Stewards agents performing the raid, who prove to be allies and potential rescuers. The Stewards have a mission, however, and they recruit the heroes to help finish it. In so doing, the heroes uncover a little truth and a lot more questions in need of answers!
Deceivers' Moon Written by Jason Tondro Expected April 2020
On their voyage through space back to the Pact Worlds, the heroes and their new Stewards allies begin to realize disturbing gaps in their recent memory, missing moments of lost time replaced with dreamlike impressions of imprisonment, surgery, and shadows. A Stewards base on a fiery moon of the gas giant Bretheda seems to offer respite from paranoia and pursuit, but unseen enemies lurk even in the heart of the system's most powerful institutions, and the web of alien conspiracy enshrouds all of the Pact Worlds!
The Hollow Cabal Written by Crystal Frasier Expected May 2020
The Cradle Infestation Written by Vanessa Hoskins Expected June 2020
Puppets Without Strings Written by Landon Winkler Expected July 2020