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Thosum V

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Thosum V
Type Planet
Diameter 1/2x
Mass 2/3x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 401 days
Day length (PST) 24 hours
System Thosum system

Source: Waking the Past, pg(s). 3

Thosum V is the fifth planet in the Thosum system, home to Thosum's Vault, an AbadarCorp colony established for the purpose of mining the rare ssarlitine gas.[1]


Thosum V is a chilly, lavender-hued planet with sparkling garnet oceans, orbiting a bright blue-white main sequence star in Near Space. 47% of its surface is covered by a singular, equatorial supercontinent filled with towering crags, thick coniferous forests and vast tundra dotted with tall, spiky karsts. Thosum V is orbited by an icy comet captured by its gravity, which resembles a shimmering blue orb with a long tail.[1]


Before the Gap, an organisation of human spellcasters called the Twilight Throne, after being exiled from the Golarion system, made their way to the Thosum system via pre-Drift interstellar travel, in a journey that lasted almost a century. In order to return to their home as conquerors, the Twilight Throne settled on Thosum V, built numerous underground facilities and began mining ssarlithine and rare metal to build weapons and constructs.[1]

Some time during the Gap, the Twilight Throne activated their first nanotech golem, which went berserk as soon as it came online. For the dext decade, the Twilight Throne's escaped experiments eradicated their creators from Thosum V, before returning to programmed hibernation.[1]

In 314 AG, AbadarCorp discovered ssarlithine deposits on Thosum V and established the colony of Thosum's Vault. During the four years in operation, the colony has earned staggering profits for AbadarCorp. Unknown to them, the ssarlithine gas is actually the byproduct of the magic that keeps the Twilight Throne's underground facilities in cryostasis. In 319 AG, AbadarCorp's miners discovered the first such facility.[1]


Thosum V supports a thriving ecosystem but has no native intelligent life. Its oceans are home to a species of docile, whale-like leviathans with silver fur. Scores of new mining camps dot its surface, with the largest being AbadarCorp's Thosum's Vault.[1]