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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)
CR 2
Environment Any land (Plane of Fire or Plane of Earth)

Source: Soldiers of Brass, pg(s). 61
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Thoqquas are semi-intelligent worm-like creatures native to the borderlands between the Plane of Fire and Plane of Earth.[1]


Thoqquas are thick segmented worm-like creatures made out of red-hot igneous rocks and covered in rocky plates. Their head ends in a pointed beak, made of the same material, superheated due to the thoqqua's internal fire. Their body generates incredible heat, which allows them to melt most surfaces. Adult thoqquas are five feet long and weigh 200 pounds.[1]


Despite being outsiders (and having no need to eat), thoqquas need to consume ores and minerals to maintain their stony shells. Thoqquas are cantankerous, and will attack without warning if frustrated or startled. If treated well, they can form bonds with other creatures, most commonly quorlus, whose settlements are often protected by thoqquas.[1]

Thoqquas never stop growing during their lives. According to legend, they are descended from mountain-sized progenitors, servants of the elemental lords, who dug the first volcanoes on young planets, then retired there, and still heat these planets to this day. They get along well with mephits, who share their mindset and intuitively understand thoqquas' body language, and were responsible for letting the rest of the Great Beyond know of the thoqquas' genesis.[1]