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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template shows up to 30 images in an array. The number of images per row is based upon the width specified and the width of the screen, which allows greater flexibility than the <gallery> tag.

For style guidelines about where galleries are appropriate, see wikipedia:WP:IG.

This template is similar to {{Gallery}}. Both templates use {{Gallery/aux}} to format individual images.



|Image|Alt text|Caption
Specify one of these lines for each image. Image is the image name (without any File: or Image: prefix). Alt is the alt text, used by visually impaired readers; it typically has little in common with the caption (see wikipedia:WP:ALT). Caption is the caption; see wikipedia:WP:CAPTION. If no such lines are present, a gallery with a single question-mark image is produced. There is currently a limit of 30 such lines.


The gallery's title.
(default 180) Maximum width and height of each image.
(default 2) The number of text lines needed for the largest caption. Blank lines are appended to smaller captions. A caption that does not fit is cut off.


| title = Buildings
| lines = 3
| Akiton.jpg|A city on Akiton|A city on [[Akiton]].
| Eox.jpg|A structure on Eox|A structure on [[Eox]].
| Absalom Station.jpg|Absalom Station|[[Absalom Station]].
| Absalom Station concept.jpg|Concept art of Absalom Station|Concept art of [[Absalom Station]].

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