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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(aeon, extraplanar)
CR 10
Environment Any (Astral Plane)

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 6

Tekhoinos aeons bear charge over the duality between societal and technological developments.[1]


A tekhoinos' body consists of three tentacles revolving around a nebulous core and shifting constantly. Patterns of crystalline circuitry and iridescent vapour constantly appear, grow and disappear on the body. The typical tekhoinos measures 4 feet across and weighs a few pounds.[1]


Tekhoinos search for and become involved in unbalanced societies, where either scientific or spiritual development outstrips the other: the former includes cases where a primitive species discovers lost technology or a species' cultural maturity is insufficient to handle the technology it developed, while societies that fall into the latter have eschewed technology to the point of hurting their societal development. Only the aeons exactly understand what it means to be an 'unbalanced' society. A single tekhoinos will visit each society, gather intelligence, and consult other aeons whether it should intervene, wait for reinforcements or move on.[1]

Tekhoinos prefer subtle methods, which tend to be more effective and long-lasting than mere brute force. They prefer to rely on stealth and incapacitate creatures that discover them, only disposing of those that prove a real threat. This doesn't mean that their actions are always non-violent: tekhoinos might do anything from manipulating a single key individual to instigating all-out wars, whichever gives the highest chance of success.[1]

Tekhoinos usually intervene in smaller communities, which have less inertia and are less likely to discover them. In case where major communities need intervention, multiple tekhoinos collectives will act at once, which might require decades of prior observation and manipulation, all while overseen by high-ranking aeons. If no delay can be afforded, a tekhoinos intervention might resemble an invasion.[1]

Tekhoinos understand the mind of non-aeons better than most aeons can, taking advantage of their telepathic images to communicate.[1]


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