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From StarfinderWiki
Type Construct
(magical, technological)
CR 17
Environment Any (Daimalko)

Source: Alien Archive 3, pg(s). 108

Tekenkis are enigmatic, colossal, destructive constructs that bear many resemblances to Daimalkan colossi.[1]


Tekenkis are made from alloys infused with magic and inscribed with bizarre patterns. Atop a tekenki is a plasma cannon that draws power from its internal fusion, and it exudes an electromagnetic pulse that renders technology inert. Researchers have determined that their engineering is similar to pre-Gap machinery, except their space-related tech, which is more recent. A typical tekenki measures 60 feet tall, 150 feet long and weighs 250 tons.[1]


Like other colossi, tekenkis rampage across Daimalko, using their ability to sense large communities of intelligent creatures and wreak havoc, but are more likely to battle colossi, resulting in a battle as devastating to the nearby area as it is to the colossi themselves.[1]


Since tekenkis are far rarer than normal colossi, can also be found outside Daimalko, only appeared after the Awakening and frequently fight other colossi, it is speculated that they are an ancient check on the colossi, or are not actually native to Daimalko, perhaps coming there in response to the Awakening. Research has shown that tekenkis are capable of spaceflight, but none has been observed doing so.[1]

A few groups of colossus hunters and scientists who came to Daimalko succeeded in disabling tekenkis and brought them away, but a few of them managed to reanimate and escape from the facilities that held them to wreak havoc. Finding a tekenki on a world without such a link to Daimalko might reinforce the theory that they came from elsewhere and lead to their actual origin.[1]


According to Daimalkan legends, which speak of the slumbering colossi that eventually awakened to destroy the planet, there were masters who, in their hubris, sought to control Daimalkan technology. These tales were never connected to colossi, yet some scientists speculate that tekenkis were created by an ancient Daimalkan cabal and programmed to adapt to their surroundings. Some even go so far as to believe that all colossi were these masters' creations as well.[1]


Damai who fought colossi have noted that, unlike other colossi, Guardian orbs convey no information about tekenkis. Since they have no reliable way to fight tekenkis, a damai settlement might quickly be driven underground again by a tekenki sighting.[1]


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