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Type Planet
Diameter 2x
Mass 4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Special
System Chuuva system
Satellites Six moons

Source: Huskworld, pg(s). 40

Tarchuuva is a small gas giant and the fourth planet in the Chuuva system.[1]


Tarchuuva has the typical composition of a gas giant. Its depths are home to rare gases and ion storms, resulting in lightning visible from the surface. These storms have weakened the barrier between the Material Plane and the Plane of Air. It is orbited by six moons and a faint ring only visible from the moons.[1]


A sizable population of air and lightning elementals have migrated from the Plane of Air to Tarchuuva's atmosphere. They are preyed upon by invasive electrovores accidentally introduced by travellers. Tarchuuva remained largely intact after the Swarm invasion of the system in 319 AG, as the Swarm felt no need to harvest its exotic gases.[1]


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