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Swordlight Cathedral

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Swordlight Cathedral
Type Religious Center
Alignment LG
Headquarters Absalom Station
Goals Worship of Iomedae
Scope Universal
Structure Hierarchical
Members Millions

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 43

Swordlight Cathedral is an impressively huge structure that rises above the immaculate white marble tiles of the Plaza Sancta Iomedaea.

Its architecture is extensively sword-themed, and is surrounded by statues illustrating the goddess Iomedae's 11 miraculous acts as a mortal before her ascension.[1]

The interior is dominated by a series of massive stone knights with upraised swords., which act as structural pillers to support the arched ceiling. This architecture feature adds to the ambiance of a medieval cathedral, though the traditional stained-glass windows are replaced with more practical shifting hologramic displays.

The upper floors are of modern design. There reside the bulk of the Iomedean clergy, long term visitors, the Vault of Relics, the Hall of Records, and the Garrison of Iomedae.