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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1-1/4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 298 days
Day length (PST) 26 hours
System Suskillon system
Inhabitants Various races

Source: Fate of the Fifth, pg(s). 62

Suskillon is the fifth planet and namesake of the Suskillon system. It was formerly a bucolic world before falling victim to a massive Swarm invasion in 319 AG.[1]


Suskillon is a terrestrial planet with diverse biomes and plentiful resources. Its surface land area is mostly divided between the two continents of Alappu Major and Alappu Minor, located in opposing hemispheres; thousands of basalt archipelagos speckled across the oceans make up the rest. A large semi-arid desert covers northern Alappu Major, while plains, rolling hills and mountains cover the rest of the continent. Alappu Minor's most notable geographical feature is the Stone Sea, which is filled with pieces of pumice stone and surrounds a dormant volcano.[1]

Due to Suskillon's axial tilt and ecliptic orbit, every few years, it experiences 'Dry Summers' and 'Dead Winters', which are longer and more severe than usual.[1]


Soldiers of the SDF's 5th Battalion fighting the invading Swarm.

Intelligent life, primarily humans, evolved on Suskillon millennia ago and had since spread across the entire planet. Shortly after the Gap, Suskillon was visited by the shirrens fleeing the Swarm, and some of them decided to settle there. In 87 AG, Suskillon made first contact with Pact Worlds explorers, following the lead of those shirrens who once passed through the Suskillon system.[1]

Over the past two centuries, Suskilloners have colonised Utraneus, the system's third planet, established laboratories on various moons, and launched two space docks into Suskillon's orbit.[1][2]

In 319 AG, the Swarm arrived in the Suskillon system and landed on the Stone Sea, which became the site of a terrible battle between the Suskillon Defense Force's 5th Battalion and the Swarm. The Fifth's valiant stand bought time for the SDF to mobilise a defence of the entire planet. However, this was insufficient to halt the Swarm's slow but unstoppable advance, forcing many Suskilloners to evacuate off world or to undamaged cities, straining resources and the SDF's ability to handle refugees and fight off the Swarm. After six months, the entire continent of Alappu Minor was overrun.[2]


Suskillon's ecosystem was diverse and made up of (among others) the Aluppan dart weasel, the dangerous brush stalker, and trees that have thick trunk-like stalks and cavities that collect rain water.[1]

The majority of Suskillon's population were humans, with shirrens making up a significant (18%) minority. The government was democratic, consisting of a president, magistrates that interpret the law, and regional governors who met every year to discuss policy in the capital city of Brinnoa on Alappu Major. The rest of Suskillon was filled with a few megaplexes, farming regions, mines and occasional spaceports.[1]

To combat extraterrestrial threats, the Suskillon Defense Force expanded their operations from land to space. Their Space Corps, tasked with protecting Suskillon and outlying interests, was the most prestigious branch.[1]

Suskillon maintained strong diplomatic and mercantile ties with the Pact Worlds, and many Pact Worlds and Veskarium citizens migrated to Suskillon and vice versa.[1]


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