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Titles Mataras (Lashunta)
Type Yellow star
Diameter 100x
Mass 280,000x
Gravity 28x
Atmosphere None
Year length (PST) None
Day length (PST) None
System Pact Worlds system
Inhabitants Fire elementals, plasma oozes, efreet, salamanders, humanoids
Images of the Sun

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 434-435
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The sun of the Pact Worlds system, sometimes called by its Lashunta name of Mataras ("Burning Mother"), is a yellow star.[1]


Entering the Burning Archipelago.

The sun, like most stars, is extremely dense and incredibly hot, and its geography is not fixed. Its gravitational forces can easily crush most starships. The fusion reactions that take place in the sun's core emit such powerful energies that it regularly rips portals to the Positive Energy Plane and Plane of Fire.[1][2]

When a starship approaches the appropriate area on the sun's surface, a narrow tunnel of reduced solar energy opens, which leads to the Burning Archipelago, a set of bubbles containing cities or large platforms, protected by transparent spheres and connected by magical tethers. Unknown mechanisms, believed magical, keep the bubbles habitable and shield them from the sun's radiation and blinding brightness.[2]

Deeper within the sun float other bubble-cities, their inhabitants ignorant of or uninterested in outsiders.[3]


In 223 AG, the then-uninhabited Burning Archipelago was discovered and named by Sarenite explorers, and settled by the church of Sarenrae. No one knows why the cities exist or were abandoned. The Radiant Cathedral in the most prominent central bubble of Dawnshore serves as one of its holiest sites.[1]


The sun's plasma is home to fire-immune immigrants from the Plane of Fire and strange creatures adapted to the heat and pressure. The majority of Pact Worlds citizens are restricted to the Burning Archipelago, a melting pot of peoples from across the entire system. Aside from the Sarenites, who use sunskimmers to bottle nuclear fire and maintain the Burning Archipelago's power stations, the sun also attracts corporations to its orbit for robotic experiments in algae-based energy capture, or build solar-powered robotics plants and deploy organic jungle boxes to produce rare chemicals.[1][2]

The sun's extreme energy, combined with the mutations to plants in NatuReal Compounds jungle boxes, has led to at least two instances of the formation sentient and carnivorous plant creatures — to fatal effect in the instances where the boxes were not fully automated.[1]


The Burning Archipelago is a protectorate of the Pact Worlds, and the rest of the sun is considered a shared holding of all of the Pact Worlds' members. Each city in the Burning Archipelago has its own government, ranging from theocratic Dawnshore to corporate-controlled Fireside and Stellacuna.[1]

Diplomatic relations

Visitors from the Plane of Fire use the Burning Archipelago for trade with the Material Plane, and have provided information about ruins deeper in the sun that once belonged to fire-resistant creatures, including humanoids. Scholars have attempted to contact these "deep cultures" in hopes of learning more about the first life to arise in the Pact Worlds system, although the elemental travelers are particularly reluctant to speak more of them. Other theories suggest that time itself is warped near the sun's core, making these cultures of the future rather than the present or past.[1]