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Titles Prime Megaplex
World Aballon
Population 152,000,000
Demographics 65% anacite, 18% android, 13% human, 4% other
Government Utopia (guided by the Insight Array)
Alignment Lawful neutral

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 26
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Striving is the largest of the anacite megaplexes on the planet of Aballon.[1]


Alongside the other megaplexes, Striving was founded during the Gap when the anacites spread across Aballon. Striving quickly became the largest of these continent-sized cities.[1]


Striving is home to the Machine Court, the Insight Array and the holy church of Triune: Unification Cathedral.[1]


Striving is perhaps the most advanced settlement in the Pact Worlds system, housing the industry of dozens of major corporations and thousands of private factories.[1]

An entire town-sized section of Striving, known as the Theology Channel, is devoted to anacite understanding of foreign religions. It consists of hundreds of temples dedicated to the various religions of the Pact Worlds, including at least a significant structure for each core deity and various structures for lesser deities and demigods. Visitors can partake in rites related to any of these deities, including the demon lords, without fear of repercussions.[1]