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Symbol of the Stewards
Type Interplanetary law enforcers
Leader Director-General Lin Camulan
Headquarters Bastion, Absalom Station
Goals Enforce laws of the Pact Worlds
Maintain peace within the Pact Worlds
Scope Pact Worlds system
Images of Stewards

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 480

The Stewards are a group of interplanetary law enforcers and peacekeepers serving the Pact Worlds, which governs the Pact Worlds system.[1]


The Stewards were founded on Verces.[1]


Stewards are both warriors who pursue criminals across the Pact Worlds, and diplomats who negotiate agreements to maintain the often complex and fraught relationships between member worlds.[1] They prefer the use of soft power over military might, in an effort to maintain the fragile equilibrium of the Pact Worlds.[2]


The Stewards collectively chose one of their own to act as a representative to the Directorate of the Pact Council. The officer, known as the Director-General, has no voting rights within the Council or Directorate, but serves only in an advisory capacity and to carry out the Council's decisions.[2]