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Starfinder Adventure Path

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Starfinder Adventure Paths are a planned series of periodical publications released by Paizo Inc. to support the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Each volume consists of one segment of a multi-part series of adventures linked by a story arc and theme. In addition to the main adventure, each issue also features new characters, creatures, and additional rules options.[1]

History of Paizo adventure paths

Paizo started the tradition of Adventure Paths when they published the official Dungeons & Dragons Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. periodicals Dungeon Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. and Dragon Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki.. When these magazines were discontinued in summer 2007, Paizo continued the popular tradition, now set in their own proprietary Pathfinder campaign setting Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki.. The line was originally titled simply Pathfinder but was changed to Pathfinder Adventure Path Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki. when additional Pathfinder-branded product lines were introduced.[2]

Starfinder Roleplaying Game

Starfinder Adventure Path issues, which use the Starfinder Roleplaying Game rules, are also expected to function as the primary supplements for the Starfinder product line.[1]

List of Adventure Paths

There are five released or current Adventure Paths. There are two announced Adventure Paths.

Released Starfinder Adventure Paths
Dead Suns Released August 2017–June 2018
In the Dead Suns Adventure Path, the players take on the roles of members of the Starfinder Society, a loose association of scholars and adventurers who travel the galaxy uncovering the secrets of the past. When a fragment of an ancient alien superweapon surfaces in the depths of hyperspace, its discovery sets off a race to find the extraterrestrial doomsday device. Hopping from planet to planet in both the civilized Pact Worlds and beyond, the heroes must contend with both the undead Corpse Fleet and the nihilistic Cult of the Devourer, each of which seeks to acquire the alien artifact for its own purposes. Can the heroes find and destroy the superweapon before their enemies seize control of it, or will the Pact Worlds' sun go dark and cold, a harbinger of dead suns across the galaxy?
Against the Aeon Throne Released August 2018–October 2018
An ancient, crashed starship on a new Pact Worlds colony in the Vast draws the attention of the sinister Azlanti Star Empire, who invade and annex the colony, remove an experimental starship drive from the crash site, and kidnap one of the colonists. The heroes must liberate the colony from Azlanti occupation before venturing inside the mysterious Star Empire, in search of both the experimental drive and the kidnapped colonist, who is an old friend of the heroes. Will the heroes rescue their friend and keep the drive out of Azlanti hands, or will the might of the Azlanti Star Empire crush them as it has so many others who have stood against the Aeon Throne?
Signal of Screams Released November 2018–January 2019
While relaxing on a posh asteroid resort, the heroes are beset by a plague of madness and horrible transformations and, after dealing with its unfortunate victims, learn these tragedies are part of plot engineered by an insane scientist trapped on the Shadow Plane. Using the funding of an amoral corporation, the scientist has crafted a mysterious signal that will spread pain from world to world. As this corruption begins to infect the heroes, they must stop the transmission at its source to save themselves—and the rest of the galaxy!
Dawn of Flame Released February 2019–July 2019
All is not peaceful in the roiling heart of the Pact Worlds sun. A mysterious entity from the Plane of Fire has taken an interest in the star. Known as Malikah, this semi-divine being has amassed an army and conquered vast territory on the Plane of Fire. Seeking more glory and power, she has turned her attention to the Material Plane. She dispatched her trusted right hand, an efreeti general named Khaim, to establish a foothold within the sun as a prelude to its conquest. Unable to explore the depths of their star, the people of the Pact Worlds remain unaware of the threat. Can the heroes piece together the clues to what's happening in time and find a way to take the fight to the efreet? Or will they allow the Malikah to conquer the sun and set herself on the path to godhood?
Attack of the Swarm! Released August 2019–January 2020
The interstellar insectile threat known as the Swarm is driven by nothing but the desire to consume and expand. But when they strike at the peaceful Suskillon system in the Vast, their behavior indicates they have a secondary motive beyond simple destruction. Can the heroes survive the invasion and discover the reason behind the Swarm's attack on their home system? Or will Suskillon fall like so many others?
The Threefold Conspiracy Released February 2020–July 2020
What begins as a normal trip through the Drift back to the Pact Worlds turns into a mind-bending whodunit as a crewmember goes missing. The heroes must unravel an intricate web of motives and opportunities before they discover the seeming truth behind the disappearance. However, this only leads the PCs down a twisting path of strange conspiracies and devious machinations that could reach into the very heart of the Pact Worlds' government! How deep are the heroes willing to go to uncover the truth?
Announced Starfinder Adventure Paths
Devastation Ark Released August 2020–October 2020
The discovery of a series of millennia-old ruins sets off a chain of events that puts an ancient titanic spacecraft on course to the Pact Worlds. When the vessel—which belongs to an evil, warmongering civilization long thought dead—begins destroying all other ships in its path and attacking important resources to increase its power, the heroes must rescue millions of lives from destruction and find a way to stop the ship and all aboard it. Will the heroes be triumphant? Or will the alien species take the Pact Worlds as its new home and conquer the galaxy?

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